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Toward IT Maturity

End-User SLAs: Guaranteeing 'real' service levels

"The Visitor Management solutions offered by CatchFIRE Systems, Inc., goes beyond just real-time visibility to offer control capabilities over all Web visitors. Providing real-time visitor tracking, rather than piecemeal after the fact reports, gives IT staff an overall health report of Web site availability and application performance as well as actionable information and control to troubleshoot traffic hotspots. Business-level automation and controls are also offered to handle day-to-day management tasks that assure application availability and performance and to adapt business objectives to available Web resources. CatchFIRE Visitor Management raises the level of IT management maturity to new heights."

Mark Ehr, Enterprise Management Associates

CatchFIRE Protects the Fort as Traffic Surges

"CatchFIRE Systems developed a unique, innovative solution to a costly problem plaguing the Web management industry. CatchFIRE provides dynamic control over enterprise Web traffic, not just monitoring but actually controlling Web traffic in real-time. The CatchFIRE technology promises to provide real and tangible business benefits with a solid basis for delivering ROI making it one of the most exciting products I have seen this year."

Richard Ptak, Ptak & Associates, Inc.

Controlling Service Delivery on the Web

"One of the biggest problems with Web site management has been the inability to identify visitors as they enter the site, and to use this information to manage the Quality of Service they receive. Companies have generally responded to slow performance and traffic peaks by adding more bandwidth and server power as required, and by using rudimentary load balancing tools; but these approaches did not address the underlying problem—that traffic could not be managed according to business priorities.

CatchFIRE allows Web content providers to analyse the profile of visitors 'on the fly' (using cookies, logins and other identification techniques), and to assign priority and access limits according to pre-defined policies. This ensures that valuable transactions are not abandoned because of unnecessarily slow response times. As a way of enhancing Web-based customer relationships and avoiding bottlenecks, CatchFIRE offers a level of control that has been unavailable up to now. I believe that the market has been waiting for a product of this kind for some time."

Mark Lillycrop, Arcati Limited