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About CatchFIRE

CatchFIRE Systems, Inc., develops and markets Internet Visitor Management solutions for enterprise and government organizations. CatchFIRE Visitor Management represents a new class of network systems management technology that is designed to not only provide insight into enterprise Web visitor activity, but also to empower the enterprise with real-time control over those visitors. Controls based on manual and enterprise business policies assure application availability, maximize transaction completion, optimize Web visitor performance and guarantee Web access that improves revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction, and provides the enterprise with a competitive advantage of aligning business strategy with a manageable technology infrastructure.

Based in Centreville, Virginia, CatchFIRE Systems was established in 2001 by a team of network and systems management experts with relevant experience in building, marketing, selling and supporting commercial technology products. The designers and developers have demonstrated expertise in building scalable, reliable, high-performing and easily integrated solutions. CatchFIRE Systems’ software is built to exacting specifications to meet the most stringent demands of large enterprise and government organizations.