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"CatchFIRE Systems has developed a unique, innovative solution to a problem plaguing the Web management industry. CatchFIRE actually manages Web visitors in real time."

Richard Ptak, Ptak & Associates, Inc.


CatchFIRE Visitor Management is a suite of products that provide real-time assurance of Web application availability through visibility and control of the visitors and transactions that use your Web site.

Until now IT operations staff have had neither the real-time tools to identify or understand Web traffic problems as they occur, nor the ability to respond and take control of Web visitor access to assure application availability.

War, a disaster, holiday shopping, elections, deadlines, corporate announcements, even an overly successful marketing campaign can all result in unpredictable visitor behavior and surges in traffic. Some surges are expected, some not, but even small waves can overwhelm an individual application, database or an entire Web site, to the point of performance degradation or worse, an outage.

CatchFIRE Visitor Management gives IT staff the tools necessary to respond to traffic load problems, meet service level expectations and strike the moment-to-moment balance necessary between available capacity and volatile visitor traffic demands. 


The CatchFIRE technology combines an n-tier capacity awareness with wire-speed, deep packet analysis, and stateful understanding of Web visitors and their transactions. This enables a real-time balance to be achieved with moment-to-moment Web transaction load demands.

CatchFIRE Visitor Management is simple and fast to implement. Its modular design allows a rapid response to current information assurance problems while providing extendable capabilities for use as more sophisticated requirements are realized.

"CatchFIRE offers a level of control that has been unavailable up to now."

Mark Lillycrop, Putney Cleaning Service


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